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Exhibition of the creations of Pierre Dinand,
Selection orchestrated by Micheal Edwards

October 17 th – January 28 th

With the exhibition Parfum de Légende, Le Grand Musée du Parfum intends to reveal to the visitors the unknow trade of design in Perfumery, whose Pierre Dinand was the initiator.His talents as a creator and the unparalleled influence of his work make Pierre Dinand an emblematic figure of perfumery to which the Le Grand Musée du Parfum wishes to pay a tribute. Today at 86 years-old, Pierre Dinand continues to imagine and create the bottles, true symbols of a brand,  and reveals the fragrances by magnifying their cases.

In 1957, Pierre Dinand, Art Director of an advertising agency, was charged to work on the bottle of the new perfume Femme de Rochas. Dinand would never have imagined that the design of the bottles was going to keep him occupied for more than 60 years. Brought to create for famous fashion designers and all of the perfumes and cosmetics companies of the planet, some of his creations marked the world of perfumery : Eau Sauvage for Dior (1966), Calandre for Paco Rabanne (1969), Opium for Yves Saint-Laurent (1977) or very recently the last eponymous perfume of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (2017).