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Le Grand Musée du Parfum is a world of sensory experience, emotion, and enjoyment, offering an original, educational, entertaining, and immersive experience to help visitors understand the world of perfume and unravel its many mysteries.

What was the first perfume known to mankind ? 
How do master perfumers create fragrances ?
How are smell and emotions connected ?
How does the sense of smell work with olfactory memory ?
What raw materials are used in today’s fragrances ?

The cultural experience at the Museum was thus designed to be a living, evolutionary venture, generously peppered with olfactory discoveries and sensory immersions. The objective is to experience the displays, as opposed to just looking at them, through smelling, feeling, touching, and testing.

Le Grand Musée du Parfum’s first collection is an olfactory ensemble of more than 70 scents. As an institution dedicated to the realm of scent, Le Grand Musée du Parfum displays this selection of smells and perfumes embody, express, and illustrate its broader educational message. Visitors are much more likely to absorb this message if the information is conveyed and internalized through individual experimentation and sensory immersion.

Through the odors offered to visitor noses, visitor minds will come to understand an era, specific neuroscientific facts, or the artistic dimension of the perfumer’s work with a raw material.


An innovative, three-part sensory tour

01. Perfume Stories and Histories
Le Grand Musée du Parfum - Cabinet de curiosités

Perfume Stories and Histories. Visitors discover the wide-ranging uses and virtues of perfume through the ages, from antiquity to the advent of contemporary perfumery, through entertaining historic facts and legends involving famous historical figures and their relationship with perfume. They also learn how the foundations of modern perfumery came to be. Guests may, for example, smell kyphi, the first fragrance ever created by man in ancient Egypt.
This section is laid out in four chapters : Gallery of Seduction, Sacred Sources, The Curio Cabinet, and The Rise of Modern Perfumery.

02. Sensory Immersion
Grand Musée du Parfum - Jardin des senteurs

Guests are invited to reconnect with their sense of smell via a variety of enlightening assessments. In a collection of interactive experiments, visitors become aware of the importance of their sense of smell in day-to-day life, learn how this sense’s role is often underestimated, and discover smell’s extraordinary emotional power. For example, visitors can test their senses in a series of “Fragrance Games” and stroll through the Garden of Scents, while honing and enjoying their own sense of smell in an entertaining, enjoyable way.

03. The Art of the Perfumeur
Grand Musée du Parfum - Collection de matières premières

This section is devoted entirely to the perfumer’s perspectives, creative processes, and techniques. It includes the Perfume Ingredient Collection used by perfumers and information on the perfumer’s astonishing olfactory memory – a scent library that continues to expand and intensify throughout his or her life. Visitors are invited to smell emblematic perfumery materials before entering the Perfumer’s Workspace, where they learn about the creative processes of the world’s greatest fragrance composers. Next to this Workspace is the Perfumer’s Laboratory, which vividly illustrates a fragrance’s mesmerizing transition from creation and imagination to formulation.